Are you a (new) homeowner looking to rent out your furnished property? Are you wondering how this works? Then here’s some information to help you get started.
You can also visit the official French administration website by clicking here

To help you with the process, the SIVAV (Syndicat Intercommunal de la Vallée de l’Arvan et des Villards) has published a guide entitled “Le petit dico du “proprio””, in which you will find the advantages of classification as a furnished tourist accommodation, but above all an important point on your legal and tax obligations.

Download the guide :

  • Declaration to the Town Hall: Make your declaration using Cerfa form N°14004*04 “Declaration to the Town Hall of Furnished Accommodation”. (art. L.342-1-1 and D.324-1-1 of the Tourism Code). And send them your classification certificate by e-mail to or to Mairie de Villarembert – Chef lieu – 73300 VILLAREMBERT.
  • Declaration to the Centre de Formalité des Entreprises (INPI): when you start your business as a non-professional furnished rental operator, you must declare your activity to the INPI (since 1 January 2023). To do this, you need to take the necessary steps on the website download below to obtain a SIRET number, corresponding to the registration of your business.

    Download :

Declaration to the Town Hall for furnished tourist accommodation
Declaration of commencement of activity – Self-employed natural person

You have a tax obligation to declare the rental income you receive from your furnished-rental business.

There are 2 tax regimes: micro BIC or simplified real profit.

Need help choosing your tax regime?
We recommend that you contact Joël Ollinet at Cerfrance des Savoie (an accounting and consultancy firm) by telephone on 04 79 28 33 33 or by e-mail at

The Tourist Office, the Villarembert Town Hall and the Maison des propriétaires in La Toussuire regularly offer free meetings or interviews with a Cerfrance advisor during the season. Click HERE for dates


The tourist tax is dedicated to the development and promotion of tourism in the resort. As a landlord, your role is to collect the tax from your tenants and pay it to the Town Hall.

It is collected throughout the year, even outside the tourist season. You can declare it by week, month or season, with a deadline of 30 June for the winter season and 31 December for the summer season. You can declare it online or on paper.

For more information, contact the tourist tax department on 06 73 71 98 27 or by e-mail at or visit the website

Visits to the Tourist Office owners’ area by the person in charge of tourist tax every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 12pm. Don’t hesitate to come and meet her. 🙂

Why create a welcome booklet?
To make your guests’ stay as pleasant as possible, it’s important to create a welcome booklet containing all the information they need to enjoy their stay. This booklet is a compulsory criterion for obtaining the classification of meublés de tourisme and the Label Qualité Hébergement Corbier. As well as details about your accommodation, your booklet should contain information about places of interest in and around the resort. This will reduce the number of questions the tenant has on arrival: where is the nearest restaurant? What will I be doing in the resort during my stay? How does the microwave work? Tenants won’t need to contact you to ask any questions – all the answers will be in the booklet.

Find below our guide to help you create your welcome booklet, as well as the practical documents to include!

Download (to be modified with the new QrCodes once the site is online) :

Setting up a welcome booklet for tenants

AFFICHE_Venir en MaurienneAFFICHE_tri des déchets SIRTOM AFFICHE_QrCode Infos pratiques / AFFICHE_QrCode Programme animations / AFFICHE_QrCode brochures / AFFICHE_QrCode navettes / AFFICHE_QrCode Pass’Partout / AFFICHE_QrCode Randonnées AFFICHE_Numéros d’urgences HIVER PLAN STATION LE CORBIER_ETE22 / PLAN STATION LE CORBIER_HIV22-23 / AFFICHE_Wifi gratuit station

Sample end-of-stay tenant satisfaction questionnaire

The rental advert is very important to attract holidaymakers and optimise bookings for your furnished accommodation.
1 / A catchy ad title
2/ A clear, detailed description
3/ Highlight your strong points
4/ Adapt your ad to the season
In the document you can download, you’ll find a number of tips for a complete, attractive ad adapted to each season.


As you know, the photos of accommodation in rental adverts are crucial for customers when they’re looking for a holiday rental!
95% of people who consult a rental ad spend around 20 seconds on the 1st photo and 40% of them believe that their choice is influenced more by the photos than by the description or the rental price. Some don’t even look at the price if they don’t like the 1st photo, so to avoid losing potential tenants, it’s essential to take good photos.
In the document you can download below, you’ll find some tips for successful photos.