Le Corbier resort was created in 1967. Since then, some flats have never been renovated, while the expectations and needs of our customers have changed dramatically.
Given the steady decline in occupancy of our accommodation, it is vital that we take action to guarantee the future of our resort.
This problem of occupying tourist beds, renovating them and marketing them affects all ski resorts, and Le Corbier is no exception.
That’s why, in the interests of everyone – tourism professionals, residents and property owners – Le Corbier is proposing that you enhance the value of your property by applying for the “Corbier Accommodation Quality” label.

The label is designed to enhance and promote the quality of accommodation in the Commune. It highlights the efforts made by the owners of rental flats. Everything must be done to reinforce the quality image of the resort. The aim of the programme is to increase the number of tourists using the cold beds and to make it easier to market them. The municipality wants to attract new customers and develop their loyalty.

Based on a voluntary approach, owners of furnished accommodation renting out their properties, located throughout the commune of Villarembert and its resort of Le Corbier, request an evaluation of their property.
It is strongly recommended that you request an appraisal prior to any conversion.
An audit is carried out by a “Label Qualité Hébergement Corbier” representative, at the request of the owner directly or by his representative (estate agent).

The audit is based on a set of specifications with a dual dimension:

Qualitative: the aim is to check, monitor and advise on comfort, the warm atmosphere and decoration.
Technical: the audit is based on a grid of objective criteria adapted to each room in the property.

No style is imposed, so contemporary can sit alongside traditional. The process is free and confidential, and the label is valid for 5 years. It can be used to supplement the classification of furnished tourist accommodation.

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CARON Elodie
Manager for the Corbier Accommodation Quality Label
Le Tripode
Phone : 0033 4 79 83 04 18
E-Mail : hebergement@le-corbier.com