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The Villarembert Cabrettes

The Villarembert Cabrettes
  • © The Villarembert Cabrettes - Anne Marie PICOT

The "cabrettes" are wooden vestiges that used to be used to run the hay ropes down the hay bales. They date from the 19th century.


The "Cabrettes d'embarquement", developed by the farmers just after the Second World War, were used to lower the bales of hay, attached to an 850-metre-long, 1.4-centimetre-thick steel cable, unwound from the village down the slope to the mountain pastures concerned.
Three men pulled the cable across the steep mountain slopes, using a wooden bar passed through a ring and closed at the end of the rope. At the beginning, the advance was 1.50 metres for each effort, then the effort was so great that the advance was only 10 to 15 cm. *
Cabrettes can still be seen above Fromentières and under the equestrian centre.

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The Villarembert Cabrettes
73300 Villarembert