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MUNZ FLOOR® - Fitness - Yoga

Le Corbier
© MUNZ FLOOR® - Fitness - Yoga - Laurie Taravel
  • © MUNZ FLOOR® - Fitness - Yoga - Laurie Taravel

Laurie, a qualified sports coach, offers a variety of practices


MUNZ FLOOR® : multi-primed neuromuscular method.
Practised on the floor in a lying position, it offers both gentle and powerful work, thanks to spiral movements that act on your body like a deep internal massage. You slide your fascias between them for maximum intramuscular hydration! The multiple benefits are felt from the 1st session. Accessible to all.
DEEP MUSCLE STRENGTHENING: a set of physical exercises aimed at strengthening deep and stabilizing muscles, as well as gaining joint mobility.
YOGA: body awareness work, combining postural exercises, stretching, breathing and relaxation.


One price: from 15 €.

Opening time

From 01/01 to 31/12, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Spoken languages

  • French


MUNZ FLOOR® - Fitness - Yoga
Salle Atlas Le Corbier 73300 Le Corbier