The purpose of the Association is to do everything possible to ensure that the rights and obligations of Villarembert-Le Corbier property owners and co-owners are respected in all areas: to promote ideas, to participate in community life, to organise activities, events, advice, support, complementary actions, without restriction, to defend interests in general, to take a stand for the development of all facilities and equipment, to take part in all debates that may improve community life, both with the local council and the Prefectoral administration and with organisations or companies, without this being a limitation on the aims pursued by the Association. The association informs the various entities of the resort of the complaints of the co-owners and informs its members, by 3 letters for those who do not have Internet or by mailling, on the innovations in the resort, the projects and all the necessary information which can interest the co-owners.

Membership of the Association costs €20 per year.

For further information, please contact Mrs PICOT :
Phone: 0033 4 79 56 78 76 / 0033 6 42 79 40 11