Customers are increasingly demanding when it comes to choosing their holiday accommodation. They are looking for more comfort and services, more functional flats equipped just like home. They are less and less keen on poorly equipped kitchens, basic sanitary facilities and old-fashioned decoration.
In view of these changing attitudes, we need to ask ourselves the right questions:
Is my furnished accommodation attractive enough? Does it have all the necessary facilities? If I were a tenant, what would I expect?

It doesn’t take much!
If you don’t have the budget to undertake major works, simply adding matching bedspreads or repainting the furniture to give it a new lease of life, buying new crockery (and yes, we’re forgetting the 70s crockery!), repainting the walls white and putting in place a simple but homogenous decoration is already a big step towards improving your property! Until you perhaps have the financial means to carry out more extensive work.
Don’t hesitate to set up a guest book for your customers, or even to draw up a short questionnaire with a few questions that you send them after their stay to get their feedback and suggestions on what they might have liked more… it’s also a good way of building loyalty!

Below is a non-exhaustive list of artisans located in the Villarembert/Le Corbier and Fontcouverte/La Toussuire communes.

Download the list :